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Top Trends in Residential Construction

March 10, 2018

Residential Construction

Every day, there are number of new techniques and advancement comes up. Similarly the new and better techniques for homes also come up in the market with a better version. With innovative construction methods and cutting edge technologies home projects are getting smarter, along with the advances decision making system. As the new techniques arrive in market which gives fast development the owners of home demand faster construction and better buildings with lower cost. The top trends in residential construction techniques are as follows.


Pre-Fabrication or simply known as prefab, is the hottest trend in construction industry. Day by day, the technology of prefab getting more attention of home owners as the construction companies manufacture these prefab elements to build homes off-site and this will help owners to streamline the building schedule and lower the overall cost of the building.  By using prefab solution the houses built faster, safer and with less expenses. The prefab technology spares the home owners from getting their plots polluted with residual building material. Moreover, saves the home owners from the long duration of time for constructing their dream homes.

3D BIM Modeling:

3D BIM Modeling is another hot trend in construction as with 3D computer designs with Building Information Modeling BIM, allows the home owners to have better vision of their future dream homes. 2D drawings of the past are now changed with 3D modeling. BIM technology is used to model almost everything whether it is mechanical, electrical and plumbing system, structural engineering, ductwork, steel work etc. BIM designers along with clash detection programs can make sure that every system is crafted in such a way that there are no field co-ordination problems on the work site.

Robotic Automation:

By the use of robotics some exercises in construction work which require repetitive manual labor can be automated. The automated technology and robots under the supervision of skilled mason may able to perform brick lying and robotic masonry to speed up the construction.

3D Printing for Construction:

3D printing is also includes in the top trends of constructional techniques. With the help of 3D printing machine connected to computers, the designers can process three dimensional designs. The design takes the 3D shape when a glue gun like extruder filled with hot-liquid that prints the 3D design layer by layer. Good building construction firms prints houses with giant 3D printers using cement and glass materials.

Energy-Efficient Building System:

Many construction firms are persistently trying to reduce the carbon foot print and try to build energy- efficient structures. The construction companies do the efficiency analysis in the initial construction and design phase of a home or a commercial structure. The home owners would be able to take a better or wise decision to obtain a greater ROI by making the use of Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI) and Life cycle Cost Analysis. They can get the greater ROI along with overall building value with green construction.

Smart Homes:

With everyday advancement most of the things becomes smart and rapid and the construction techniques of smart homes are going to bring great change in home owner’s lives. Smart homes would have automated HVAC systems and lightening systems which they can be control at one go. The smart homes also use sensors that detect presence and turn off or turn on accordingly to save energy.

Integrated Mobile Technology and Information on- Site:

The mobile technology or devices influenced our lives a lot. Similarly, it is also influential over the construction industry to a great extent. You can share the pictures and information by using internet and devices to gauge the process of the work and quality assurance would be improvised, even if the contractor or the engineer is away for a small time. With integrated mobile technology, the own going project would not hamper by the absence of engineer or contractor on- site.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs):

The UAVs or drones are very useful in the construction of huge structures or big buildings which need to be observed from every angle but doing so practically without UAVs is difficult. This technology in the field of construction would definitely come handy for the construction of huge bridges, under- ground constructions and giant buildings.

5D Macro-BIM For Cost And Scheduling:

Many big firms are starting to use 5D macro BIM during the early stages of the design process. The advantage of using this technology is that it shows the home owners the cost of their home, scheduling and construction of the house. This will helps the owner to make wise decision about the different aspects of the design early on before any true costs are experienced. Moreover, the use of 5D Macro-BIM is also beneficial to the construction companies. New Home Designs 2018